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21/7/20 - Carbon Emissions Tax consultation

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31/7/20 - UK Government's response to Climate Change Agreements consultation

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Elements of new Emissions Trading System - UK Government response

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ETG submissions to UK Government on post-Brexit policy options

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Letter to BEIS on need for clarity on UK carbon pricing policy from Jan 2021

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 Welcome to the UK Emissions Trading Group - ETG

ETG's membership represents a high proportion of UK carbon emissions covered by the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS). The business-led ETG offers a forum for discussion and resolution of all aspects of emissions trading and enables communication to take place between commerce and industry, and the UK Government. In so doing, we contribute to Government thinking at a formative stage of policy development.

ETG supports, represents and informs UK businesses and installations covered by the UK and EU Schemes, and the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme. We attract a widely-based multi-disciplinary membership of organisations involved in the emissions trading sector extending to industrial companies, Trade Associations and service providers.

ETG Privacy Notice
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Some endorsements about the work of ETG:

Peter Zapfel, European Commission:
"I appreciate interacting with the ETG, as it is one of the best informed and most constructive stakeholder groups on EU ETS issues throughout Europe."

Paul van Heyningen, former Deputy Director, Industrial Energy Use, Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy:
"The ETG continues to play a critical role in helping Government take sound policy decisions on emissions trading and related matters, providing a forum for facilitating well-informed dialogue and communicating the business perspective."

Liz Parkes, Deputy Director, Climate Change and Business Services, Environment Agency:
"The ETG continues to have an important and constructive role in helping regulators to ensure effective implementation of the EU ETS through facilitating dialogue between regulators, businesses and verifiers".

Golden Rules
The ETG believes that certain principles should be adhered to in emissions trading schemes. These are set out in a paper on this website, together with principles governing the ETG's process - click here

ETG Competition Law Guidelines
Guidelines are available to download, as is a guide to "Dos and Don'ts" in ETG meetings - click here

 About the website – what’s available to members and public

This site contains the public records documenting the work of the ETG and its various Working Groups, which are open to attendance by all subscribing members. Because ETG is a subscription membership body, most records are initially restricted to the members-only section of the site.

The site also provides background about our work, how to join the Group and links to related sites.