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  Scope of the EU ETS - ECCP meeting (2 documents)

  Robust compliance and enforcement - ECCP meeting (2 documents)

  Further harmonisation and increased predictability - ECCP meeting (4 documents)

  Linking with Emissions Trading Schemes in third countries - ECCP meeting (1 document)

  Use of auctioning proceeds

  Declining free allocation trajectory to 2020

  Pros and Cons of a Regulation on Accreditation and Verification for the purposes of the EU ETS

  Sectoral Definitions and Benchmarking as an Allocation Methodology for Phase III

  Treatment of 'at risk' activities in the proposed revision of the EU ETS

  EC proposal for a Regulation on Monitoring and Reporting in the revision of the EU Emissions Trading Directive

  Administrative cost of EU ETS

  UK ETG recommendations for an EUA auctioning mechanism under the proposed revision of the EU ETS (Phase 3)

  Comments by ETG WG8 on Project Credits in the EU Climate and Energy Package


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