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18/11/20 - UK Government announcement - Green Industrial Revolution

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31/7/20 - UK Government's response to Climate Change Agreements consultation

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Elements of new Emissions Trading System - UK Government response

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ETG submissions to UK Government on post-Brexit policy options

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Letter to BEIS on need for clarity on UK carbon pricing policy from Jan 2021

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  Discussion and Information Papers - WG 9

  Minutes of meeting held on 3 July 2012

  Minutes of meeting held on 31 May 2012

  Minutes of meeting held on 26 April 2012

  Minutes of meeting held on 5 December 2011

  Minutes of meeting held on 20 September 2011

  Minutes of meeting held on 22 July 2011

  Minutes of meeting held on 4 March 2011

  Minutes of meeting held on 28 January 2011

  Minutes of launch meeting held on 30 November 2010

  CRC simplication submissions to DECC

  CRC implementation sub-group


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