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  ETG letter about indirect emissions costs

  ETG response on Free Allocation Review

  ETG letter to Ministers on Linking UK and EU ETS

  Letters to COP President, BEIS Minister and ETG Roadmap enclosure

  Letter to BEIS on need for clarity on UK carbon pricing policy from 1 Jan 2021

  Design options for a third Climate Change Agreement scheme

  Future of Carbon Pricing consultation response

  Key EU ETS issues to resolve in the case of the UK leaving the EU without an agreement

  UK EU ETS policy preparation post BREXIT

  Government reply to ETG letter about Amendment 47

  Letter to UK Government on Amendment 47

  Letter to Claire Perry MP Minister of State

  Letter to Nick Hurd, Minister of State BEIS and pros and cons of post-BREXIT options

  Letter to Sec of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

  Letter to DECC on BREXIT and continuing activity on EU ETS

  Letter to Commission on NACE coding issues - 30 November 2015

  Issues requiring attention in Phase 4 - carbon leakage

  Harmonising reporting requirements for UK business - June 2015

  Pros and cons of dynamic allocation - September 2014

  Report on the UK vision for EU ETS Phase IV - September 2014

  Market Stability Reserve discussion paper - April 2014

  Implementation of the regulation on determining international credit entitlements - Jan 2014

  EU ETS Phase III - CSCF and SCUF determination - Nov 2013

  Key objectives for Brexit transition of carbon reduction schemes

  ETS and Non-ETS Policy Options submission to BEIS

  Reply from Rt Hon Claire Perry MP - policy preparation post-Brexit

  Emissions trading for the long term - July 2013

  ETG response to Commission on strengthening of EU ETS - Feb 2013


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